We offer Premium Support For Your DEI Initiatives!

Check out all our DEI services in detail. Take the leap necessary to drive real DEI change in your organization.

Program 1

Being the Champion (Audience: Individual Contributors)
3 ninety minute sessions = $10,500

Program 2

Being the Manager (Audience: People Managers)
6 ninety minute sessions = $25,000

Program 3

Being the Leader (Audience: Directors and Above)
4 ninety minute sessions = $20,000


Before you spend time and money building our DEI strategy, you should make sure that managers and your Human Resources (HR) team understand it’s value and are equiped to be held accountable. We can either train your HR team to lead future DEI workshops and/or discussions or we can do it all for you.

Option include:


All Instructor Lead Training (ILTs), Work-shops and Discussions are conducted virtually through Zoom unless there’s a specific request for in person facilitation Workshops and discussion can be framed around book (Audio book and hard copy available January 2022).


Let’s have a few discussions with stakeholders and we will create a customized internal DEI strategy that is measurable and achievable.


Phase I:

  • Diagnose Risk.
  • Calculate ROI.
  • Prescriptive, Descriptive and predictive Analytics.

Phase II:

  • Speak with various stakeholders.
  • Check temperature of group and sentiments around DEI

Phase III:

  • Provide a proposal with a detailed DEI Strategy
  • Design DEI Corporate
  • Statement/North Star
  • Provide outline on how to achieve goals and objectives


No need to struggle with your busy sch-edule. Let our team do the work for you! We will make it happen, be a good steward of time and resources by hiring us now so that we can execute on all those great ideas in no time at all.


If organization decides to proceed with implementation, Martine Kalaw Enterprises, LLC will submit a Statement of Work (SOW) with estimated hours for each project or initiative that is agreed upon.

Examples of DEI Initiatives:

Create Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Develop DEI Scorecard (to track employee perception), Make DEI a Core Competency in Performance Reviews, Internship programs Internal and External Branding.